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Get help building, marketing and managing your digital retail business. helps retailers grow their online sales through hands-on training and consulting. We've successfully led the marketing and technology efforts of Top 500 e-Retailers, leading brands and start-ups. We're industry leaders -- focused on engaging consumers and generating profitable revenue. Save time, money and frustration!

Digital Retail Strategy

We help retailers save time, money and frustration -- before a website or campaign is ever launched. We look at your brands, vision, online markets and business capabilities to locate a path to profitable and manageable online growth. defaultLogic identifies opportunities and obstacles, while providing a detailed blueprint for developing and managing your e-Retail business. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we deliver strategic planning and positioning that serves as a foundation for Digital Retail success.

Grow Retail Sales

Leverage Digital Marketing and Technology to grow sales -- online and offline. Test products, ideas and concepts with greater speed, precision and at a much lower cost than ever before. Reach buyers on their computers and mobile devices -- when they’re ready to buy. Enable customers to become partners, advocates and followers of your business from anywhere. Build your brand, increase sales and generate profitable revenue. We can show you how.

Reach Your Best Customers

Let consumers know who you are, what you offer and how to find you. Get noticed, establish trust and generate demand for your products and retail brand. Using proven strategies, tactics and processes -- we help you reach your sales and profitability goals. We've successfully managed millions of online advertising dollars and thousands of digital campaigns. We offer a holistic view of digital marketing -- with proven expertise in Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Display Advertising, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Conversion Optimization.

Digital Retail Technology

Engage with potential customers in the digital marketplace. Let them connect with you on their laptops, PCs and mobile devices. Get technology to connect with online markets and convert visitors into buyers. defaultLogic can help you build, manage and optimize your Digital Retail platform. We're trusted e-commerce professionals who've designed, developed and managed web-based technology for leading retailers.

Retail Market Testing
defaultLogic helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers find out what works and what doesn't. Our consultants know what success looks like and how to realize it. We have a track-record of generating profitable sales online. By engaging real markets, clients gain vital insights on consumers and competitors within specific markets. Our testing services help you to:
  Determine market demand.
  Identify niche opportunities.
  Develop effecting messaging.
  Understand buyer behavior.
  Determine cost to engage markets.
  Provide data to support distribution channels.
  Strengthen inventory purchasing decisions.
  Measure effect of exposures on sales.
Digital Retail Professionals

Leverage the expertise of e-retail leaders. Develop technology and online marketing campaigns that can be be measured, managed and scaled. Generate profitable revenue online. We understand the tools, tactics and processes to create digital retail success. We've managed and marketed the e-Commerce initiatives of Top 1000 e-retailers -- and helped our clients become Top 1000 e-retailers. 



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What We've Done
Led Digital Marketing Efforts of Top 500 e-Retailers.
Worked with Top Brands at Leading Agencies.
Successfully Managed Over $50 million in Digital Ad Spend.
Developed Strategies and Processes that Enabled Brands to Grow During an Economic Downturn.
Taught Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies at the graduate level.

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